We study and develop new ideas  and experiences 

that contribute to one’s lifestyle.

Dearworks understands the importance of creating meaningful value that contributes to one’s lifestyle. We constantly study new ideas and experiences that are meaningful to people. We establish networks and services with our global partners to deliver and promote such ideas and experiences. We also provide fairly priced good quality products and services through our private retail brand.


Global trade division

We trade quality items and services together with our partners. We provide R&D services, global sales channel establishment, and distribution.



We trade over 1,200 household products such as food containers, personal storage cabinets, interior design goods, and etc.



We trade high functional textiles and sportswear made of materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Spandex, and etc.



We trade specialty coffee and distribute them domestically and internationally.


Brand development 

& consulting

We develop and establish lifestyle brands based on our high-quality products and our core competencies. Also, we provide our partners with brand consultation services that bring higher value to businesses and a better experience for customers.


We develop and operate a B:alive, a sportswear brand for running, yoga, and pilates. visit brand e-shop



 Dearcoffee is the specialty coffee brand which curates quality beans and produces drip bag coffee products.

Brand consultation service

We provide brand consultation services such as product design, brand concept development, and marketing.


Cross-Border Ecommerce

We set up and carry out Cross-Border Ecommerce for domestic and international brands. We pursue the role of connector and incubator for brands that wish to expand their sales globally.

Online commerce

We develop and operate e-commerce for both domestic and international brands.

Global commerce

We facilitate global sales through global market platforms and multichannel marketing.

ⓒ Dearworks Inc.

Registration Number : 255-88-00383  |  CEO : Marco Park  

2 Floor, 24, Jahamun-ro 9-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (03036)