Dearworks is a global trade company 

that discovers  and conveys the desired way of life.

Starting with coffee and fashion brands in 2016, Dearworks currently carries out operations in the areas of household goods, apparel, textiles, and food products. We carry out such operations together with expertise in brand development, global trade, and commerce. We study the desired way of life in the modern era and strive to share these ways with more people.

We express our lifestyle 

through our brands

We believe that good quality products and contents contribute to the well-being of our daily lives. With this in mind, we make it our goal to provide good products and good brands from around the world to people who add value to their lifestyle. We strive to create meaningful value and pursue honest gains, believing in the importance of creating an exemplary company culture.

We operate with the understanding of the global market and digital age.

Dearworks currently exports globally, especially to emerging markets, and currently has a portfolio consisting of household goods (around 1,200 items), functional textiles (around 100 different items), and other items. Dearworks focuses on the unlimited potential of the trading globally. Dearworks understands the changing trends of global trade in the digital age and strives to adopt effective and efficient methods such as global sourcing, global e-commerce, big data when carrying out operations.

ⓒ Dearworks Inc.

Registration Number : 255-88-00383  |  CEO : Marco Park  

2 Floor, 24, Jahamun-ro 9-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (03036)